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After fighting with malfunctions attempting to unzip the LearnToUse files that were new, they uncovered that Stuffit Expander seems capable to decode them whereas neither the builtin Windows XP zip decoder nor other third party applications they tried could. StuffIt Expander uncompresses archive file types that are most common, and makes it simple for anyone to start downloading software. Most of that time period, StuffIt Expander opens automatically when it is needed and leaves uncompressed folders in the background together with the original archive file. An example of this was shown in Figure 4.2 (the icon with thegz text below it). StuffIt Expander is located at Applications/Utilities/StuffIt Expander in your system. StuffIt Expander is a free archive file decompressor.

But should you not desire StuffIt Connect or SmartSend, or the ability to browse archive contents, or integration with the Finder via Magic Menu, you are given the functionality of StuffIt Expander, DropStuff, DropZip, and DropTar in a single program by StuffIt 2010. Actually, I've used every version of StuffIt since it was Shareware from Ray Lau when he was in high school. Each compression format is supported by it below the sun, including 7ZIP and SIT , even Windows self extracting EXE's.

With StuffIt Connect, you're presented using a Web interface for writing a short message, establishing a download access code, establishing an expiration date after which the file will not be available, and defining the email addresses of your recipients. Although StuffIt Connect may be used via Magic Menu, you can even work with it only via the Web, making it reachable from an iPod or iPhone touch.

Software publishers who receive the Top Download of 2010 distinction will have the privilege of showing their achievements with a special badge designed to commemorate the achievement to the planet. Apple's Safari is the default browser for Mac OS, but the open-source powerhouse Mozilla Firefox is the Web browser that users choose to put on their machines. Mac OS can do lots of things, but one thing it can not do by default is decompress RAR files.

Although they am an extremely inexperienced user of the Mac, maybe your experiences with PC to Mac may help you a bit. A WARNING to users using a Mac II, IIx, IIcx, or SE/30 that need to run in 32-bit addressing mode (more than 8 MB RAM): Stuffit Exapnder 5 is INCOMPATABLE with Apple's 32-bit System Enabler. MODE32 7.5 is compatable with System 7.1 running System Update 3.0 and Stuffit Expander 5. (I now have MODE32 7.5 running on your SE/30).

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