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The most common format for OS X program downloads are disk images (.dmg extension) and zipped files (.zip extension), but once upon a time StuffIt files (.sit extension) were fairly prevalent. Is there one? Thanks for submitting your hint! Also from Stuffit Expander's Settings window you'll be able to selected an output directory for the future endeavors and enable or disable options for example "Reveal in Finder", "Move archive files to Waste" or "Mount disk images". All in all, Stuffit Expander is a strong and user friendly utility which allows you to decompress a wide range of archive formats. You'll find nothing here but 100 per cent, absolutely free software for Mac.

So unless you're targeting your program for Mac OS 9 (in which case they hate you), using Stuffit prices you money (because you need to buy the packaging program), prevents some percent of users from using your program at all (because they will never buy or install Stuffit), and makes those who do have Stuffit installed go through a bit of pain (because they must sit there while a relatively super-slow Stuffit process forks and does its thing).

If you believe being forced to supply an e-mail address is not good understand this: Windows users must provide a valid creit card number to download the 'free Stuffit expander. It's possible for you to download it through an internet browser (-), or from the Mac App Store if you're running Mac OS X 10.6.6 or after. StuffIt Deluxe was a must-have program for any Macintosh power user. Look for the Top Ten Download of 2010 badge across the Web.

It contained the magic words "when you have an Apple Mac, please give them a call and we'll walk youthe installment." When they saw that phrase, they almost started slamming on your head on the table. Manner overly familiar, as at one stage in your own profession they was a project manager on a 12,000-seat Windows deployment for a large business. That isn't a Mac that is slow; it's a quad-core i7 iMac running 64 -bit Windows Vista Ultimate.

Those developers cannot use zip instead of sit, because Mac OS X 10.2 and old will open zips with Stuffit and Stuffit does not recognize the resource forks of files in zip archive files that were created with Panther or Tiger. Even Apple mangled that one once (some 10.1.x update that deleted some home directories, IIRC), so you wonder whypax is even used to this day. You are able to gzip your dmg files and it will be decoded by Safari during download on the fly. It is a Windows program.

StuffIt Expander for Windows enlarges files from the most popular archiving and compression formats found online, including StuffIt (.sit) and ZIP (.zip).StuffIt Expander may also expand files in uuencoded (.uue), BinHex (.hqx),and MacBinary (.bin) formats, such as those typically found around the Internet.Other archive formats supported comprise ARC (.arc), Arj (.arj), and gzip(.gz).

StuffIt Deluxe 2010 requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later, and supports Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. The Quick Look plug in and MacFUSE plug in demand Mac OS X 10.5 or later, and both the MacFUSE support (which enables you to mount StuffIt archives as though they were discs in the Finder) and the Growl support (which supplies notifications of completed activities) demand separate downloads. Windows Vista built-in unzipper worked fine also.

SUGGESTION: It is possible to expand a lot more than one file at a time by dragging multiple things onto StuffIt Expander. If Expander recognizes a "package in a program," it'll continue to expand the ensuing files. StuffIt Expander se controla desde el agradable entorno Mac al que estas acostumbrado, con un total aprovechamiento de arrastrar y soltar. Pesa Mother de 20 megas, contra los 5 megas de otras alternativas gratuitas como The Unarchiver (descompresor) keka (descompresor/compresor).

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